New V

#EFTM my first real project will be coming out this year we are really working hard to make this great and make it count #Escape #From #The #Mezzanine #2014 @livetwinlife #twinlife #EFTM on the way tho
#EFTM the last Monday of 2013 if your reading this you made it congratulations! Looking forward to this new year and want to thank my team @livetwinlife for making so much progress #TWINLIFE #TOTHECLOUD
T.W.I.N LIFES own @_kw3  has just dropped his instrumental project via Datpiff  Artist enjoy!!! download these tunes and make some heat!!!
Surround your self with kings and a king you’ll become… #EFTM
Heres to 2013…
#EFTM after dropping “Brugal  & FlipFlops”(via soundcloud) this past week @Iamchasemillion got us to  perform in providence  opening up for wale, it was a great show great experience & got to share the stage with @gregorystutzer one time! We decided to head back home after the show & @uptownrico was falling asleep on the road @nsg_gigi gave him the “wake the f%ck up face 👀!” #HELLO @lipstick_ninja @kpbrett & @gspubco was all out there supporting this @livetwinlife ish the team is building I love you guys #EFTM #RECAP #Biggie
#NewNewYork T.W.I.N LIFE over everything thank my team @uptownrico @nsg_gigi @gregorystutzer @kpbrett @gspubco @iamchasemillion we really do this